What players think of WallaceBrass

Quite a few outstanding players have been gracious enough to comment on our mutes. Some with suggestions to make a good thing even better, which is always greatly appreciated and given the attention it deserves.
And some just to tell us how satisfied they are. Besides the beneficial effects to our ego, we primarily see confirmation of our vision: to provide players with the best mutes money can buy.

Mauro Martins:
Mauro Martins“The Wallace mutes are the most complete of that I used before. What can we have more than a amazing sound, a giant colour spectrum, excellent tuning and incomparable visuals?
I feel security and a perfect control with Wallace mutes.
A new age for brass mutes.

My sound is the definition of my reputation. I don’t make my equipment choices lightly!

Mauro Martins
Joshua Wagner:
Joshua Wagner“I have been using mutes from the Wallace Brass Collection for a few years now and I can confidently say they are the best sounding mutes I have every owned or used and the build quality is superb. I have a huge collection of new and vintage mutes and they don’t even come close to this line. Wallace Brass Mutes provide a great color spectrum, amazing resonance, and excellent intonation. I have used these for everything from Broadway shows to symphony orchestras and these mutes never disappoint. The Wallace collection has a mute to fit every situation from Ellington to Stravinsky and I wouldn’t think of using any other brand.
My sound is the definition of my reputation. I don’t make my equipment choices lightly!

Joshua L. Wagner / Applied Trumpet - Northwestern Michigan College
Jerrold Feigenbaum:
The "studio practice" mute has so many playing sound options that I have used it not only to practice in quiet areas... but also in live shows playing through a mic sound system giving some unique sound characteristics to the performance.
Clearly the key thing for me with the "studio practice" mute is the natural feel in terms of resistance. It allows me to play in a normal fashion without having to compensate for any additional back pressure.. and I don't feel like I'm over-blowing to get the sense that I'm practicing/performing in my normal way without any restrictions in my sound.
I found the "studio" so quiet that I was even able to practice while on the airplane :)

Thanks for such great products and keep up the innovation!!

Best, Jerrold
Joe Pino:
Kirk T. Lundbeck“These are simply the best mutes I have ever used. As a performer, Wallace Mutes have very little resistance which allows me to play at ease while using them.
They play extremely well in tune and have a great vibrant tone which I have never experienced before using other top quality mutes.
The fixed cup, straight, and studio practice mutes are fantastic.
Highly recommended!"

Joe Pino Performer, Composer, Educator
2nd Trumpet in The National Broadway Tour of “Bullets Over Broadway”

Kirk T. Lundbeck:
Kirk T. Lundbeck“If you open my mute bag all you’ll find is Wallace mutes. They are of the highest quality craftsmanship and finest performing mutes I have ever owned.
Whether it be the TWC-311 or the TWC-312 Straight Mute or the TWC-411 Cup Mute I can always count on these mutes giving me great intonation, superb color and a beautiful sound quality at all volumes and registers. Whether being in a classical setting or a jazz club these mutes perform!
Both the TWC-M19 Studio Practice mute and the TWC-M19C, Compact practice mute are simply the best practice mutes in the industry. The TWC-M19C travels with me everywhere. Whether warming up backstage or practicing in the wee hours of the morning these practice mutes give me the ability to practice anywhere at any time in all registers and volumes without losing intonation, creating too much back pressure or disturbing those around me.
The whole Wallace line of trombone mutes are the best mutes and the only mutes a trombonist will ever need.

Kirk T. Lundbeck
Professional Trombonist/Clinician
Philip Harper:
"Finally, finally, finally! The best practice mutes on the planet!

The pressure is beautiful, the adjustability heavenly. To my surprise the adjustable harmon has caught my attention and my time. For someone who hardly uses a mute, except for when he really has to, I am now looking forward to spending more time practicing and playing all of these mutes!

Hats off to Wallace Brass!"

Philip Harper
Ercole Nisini:
Ercole Nisini"Even though I play historical trombones I love playing Wallace mutes. They fit my instruments perfectly and allow me to expand my expression possibilities, especially playing vocal music!"

We had a wonderful recording session for "The Classic Trombone" :-)))) using the blue and red mutes for Beethoven Lieder, Mozarts Magic flute and Beethoven Variationen. We called the blue mute "Vox Humana" because it makes the instrument sing and sound like a human voice … really impressive.. I really love it :-)) . It sounds really soft indeed as a practice mute must sound, but playing with Fortepiano and being helped from the microphone it will be a wonderful effect on the CD. The sound engineer loved it too. It would be interesting sure to have a kind of mute with the same effect but something louder in order to have this kind of sound for a live audience…. (we are planning two CD release concerts in spring in Poland and Dresden).

Looking to hear from you,

ciao, saluti!!
Richard Martin:
Richard Martin"Hi Iain..... I have been using WallaceBrass mute set for a number of weeks now....
4 straight mutes...the 301, 302, 304 and 331 Eb: Each of these mutes are superbly crafted, give a centred sound in all registers and play in tune thus no need to keep moving the main tuning slide.
The 401f fixed cup mute is of the same high standard, as are also the practice mutes, the V1 PR, M17 and M17C. The practice mutes have an adjustable tube built in which enables you to tweak the sound. Useful not only for warming up backstage etc, but a myriad of different colours for quiet performance requirements.

I can thoroughly recommend each one of these mutes, they are some of the best mutes I have ever used.

Best wishes,
Richard Martin
Principal trumpet with the Northern Sinfonia
Freddie Jones:

Chris Griffiths:
"To complement my top range Engelbert Schmid French horn -
I use the absolute top quality Wallace Practice Mute.

This is the ONLY practice mute, in my experience, that covers the entire, uniquely large range of the French horn, remaining absolutely in tune consistently throughout."

Chris Griffiths
Horn player with Northern Sinfonia, Orchestra of Sage Gateshead
"Hello, My name is Skyler Johnson and I am the bass trombonist/euphoniumist of the brass trio, V3NTO. I want to express my appreciation for your mute collection and the superb variety of advantages to music making with your mutes. These mutes are extremely versatile and allows for multiple color choices which is vital to the setting for our brass trio. We premiered a work last year that required pedal tones with cup mute and the Wallace cup mute had a wonderful open and clear tone while allowing great control of the bass trombone in that particular register. The cup mute is very adjustable and allows for a wide spectrum of colors. I have used this mute for a number of different works and this mute suits me perfectly for any work we perform. Currently, we have been in discussion over the possibility of using all Wallace mutes in the ensemble and would be interested in hearing how V3NTO can help spread the word about WallaceBrass.
Thank you for your time!"

Skyler Johnson, V3NTO"
Alison Balsom:
Alison Balsom
"Wallace mutes fill certain sound gaps in a wonderfully varied and colourful way. These mutes add a whole new dimension to what's possible as a performer."

Alison Balsom
Andrea Tofanelli:
Joris Minten:
Joris Minten"The 401 cup-mute is a magnificent piece of work. Whispering in the pp but with a beautiful muffled sound when a little more power is used. This mute is in my trumpet case for any gig, solo or in section work.

Your M17 compact practice mute has saved me from quite some stress before important gigs with no warming-up possibilities around, I even used once on the bandstand to play a little before my entrance without anyone noticing. A real life saver when you need it.

The J1 and 501 harmon-like mutes are totally unique in their sound and projection, and can be used in a lot of different settings. I cannot remember seeing or hearing anything on the market like this.

Iain: my congratulations, real old-style craftsmanship clearly made my someone that is a musician himself."

Joris Minten
Mike Kaupa:
Mike Kaupa"Hi Iain,

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your mutes.
For big band, I use the "fixed-cup" cup mute and in small group jazz, the adjustable cup.
The harmon...again, two distinct uses for me...with-out the stem for big band and with, for small group. The flugel cup is a gas!!! ...and your practice mute (the best ever made!) comes into play in my daily practce and warm-ups at gigs.

This was recorded recently... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UK6-4EcaSsI

I have another live video, playing your harmon mute at a concert at The Eastman School of Muisc. I'M NOT KIDDING..people really noticed how cool your harmon sounded!!!"

Mike Kaupa
Jim Rotondi:
Jim Rotondi"The new Wallace Brass line of mutes are simply fantastic. I don't think I have ever found mutes that play this well in tune and also have really great tone characteristics like these do. I wish you all the success you deserve with these mutes."

Jim Rotondi
Jazz Trumpet Professor in the Jazz Institute
University of Music and Performing Arts Graz - Austria
Tredegar Town Band:
Ian Porthouse"The amount of time and thought that has gone into the design of the mutes is remarkable. The quality is second to none and the flexibility it gives to the band in terms of a new colour palette to work with is superb. It’s a real boost to be able to showcase such a great product, especially in our famous colours."

Ian Porthouse
Former Principal Cornet of the world famous Black Dyke Band and Musical Director of Tredegar Town Band

Dewi Griffiths“Iain’s mutes give our cornet section such a wide variety of different colours to utilise. The results are simply fantastic. You can both see and hear why they are creating such an impact in the banding world.”

Dewi Griffiths, Principal Cornet of Tredegar Town Band
Covent Garden trumpet section:
Covent Garden Trumpet sectionThe Wallace metal trumpet straight mute is a beautifully crafted, solid mute. It is free blowing, well balanced with superb intonation throughout the range. Equally at home for incisive, forte passages as with quiet, more veiled playing it is a great addition to the collection.

Mute The Wallace trumpet practice mute is a superb innovation. It is a beautifully engineered and compact metal mute. Although quiet it is free blowing and seems not to affect either the open trumpet sound or embouchure after even a period of use and is ideal for those less-than-ideal corridor warm-ups and hotel room practice sessions. It can also be used to provide extra colours during performance, having an adjustable acoustic through the use of its own integral and changeable metal tube insert. Highly recommended!

Ian Balmain, John Shaddock, John Hardy, Ian Brown and David Carstairs
Covent Garden trumpet section
Bruce Adams:
Bruce Adams'Dear Ian,

Just to thank you for your superb range of mutes. I took delivery this morning and have to say that I am knocked out. As a working jazz soloist I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my muted playing by introducing different tone colours. First of all, the intonation is so good. Something I haven’t always been able to achieve with my current range of mutes. They are great all the way down to bottom F#, with bags of projection.

Your 501 Jazz Mute is perfect for playing in a twenties type band right through to getting the perfect Miles Davis cool sound.
The adjustable cup mute gives a tremendous range of tone colour, plus it transforms into a great straight mute.
The Wa Wa mute is very easy to use and adjust, and I will be making full use the colours and sounds on my next concert.
The 401F Cup Mute is perfect for modern Big Band section work.
Last but not least, is the M17 practice mute. It is a free blowing practice mute that can actually be used on a gig. The adjustable tube is a stroke of genius.

I love the fact that they are properly engineered. You could say Clyde Built !!!
I believe you have an adjustable bucket mute in the pipeline. I can’t wait to try it.
Good luck Ian, and once again many thanks for helping to make my life easier, and more musical.

Yours Sincerely,

Bruce Adams
Jonathan Freeman-Attwood:
Jonathan Freeman-Attwood'John Wallace and Iain Muirhead have developed a superb range of mutes, painstakingly tested and meticulously crafted. Most impressive is the evenness and openness across all registers and the kaleidoscope of colours you can summon up; crucially, these mutes play in tune like very few others I've played over the years.

My favourites? Both the fixed straight and cup are exceptional and the practice mute is a beauty, with a variation in volume to suit all conditions and situations. It also increases your armoury as a 'sotto voce' mute, in its own right, with the capacity for subtle volume and timbre change. Highly recommended!

Jonathan Freeman-Attwood
Royal Academy of Music
Amik Guerra:
Amik GuerraWallace Mutes...the new concept of sound, intonation and design in brass mutes!

I had the fortune to try the Wallace mutes a couple of years ago...I was blown away with the sound, perfect pitch in all registers and the gorgeous design.
It's impressive how they are made, every mute has a proper incredible sound and in some of them it is possible to change the sound and resistance. The practice mute and the new jazz mute are always in my trumpet case and on stage while I`m touring.....

Thanks Iain for this incredible new world class concept for brass players.

Amik Guerra
Adam Rapa:
Adam Rapa....And last, but not least, that GLORIOUS copper straight mute! My request this last winter for a mute that would create the type of brilliance I needed.... BULLSEYE!!  Such an easy response, and what a spectacular tone color!
Thank you VERY much!! I'll do everything I can to send as much business your way as possible.....
.....Let me know where I should be sending people.  

Thanks again!  Talk to you soon,

And more recently (2015):
...the soprano cornet straight mute is perfect! Incredible how much better the sound and intonation were compared to all the other brands.
I'm not surprised, but it's still shocking to witness the superiority of your mutes in a taste test.
SO, knowing that mute is perfect, one would suspect that the same dimensions would work for cups and practice mute - which I imagine there's a market for already.
Can't WAIT to see how the other mutes will sound! Thanks a lot!!


Jeffrey Agrell:
Jeffrey Agrell.... I recently tried one of your compact horn practice mutes (at horn camp) and fell in love with it and will be ordered one from Hickey's (USA). Well done!....

.... I await with bated breath your cup mute for the horn. Please let me know when it is available so that I may order right away.......

Jeffrey Agrell
Associate Professor of Horn
School of Music
Raymond Warnier:
Raymond Warnier.... I tried the mute in my daily orchestral job en simply loved it....

.... The Wallace warm-up has correct intonation and good (controllable!!) resistance, so it doesn’t change or even destroy my embouchure......

Raymond Warnier
(Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart)

PS Please feel free to use my comments on your website if you want to.
Brian Forshaw:
I use Wallace mutes for all of my orchestral playing.
They produce superb sounds at all levels over the whole range of the instrument and I find the tuning and response excellent.

Brian Forshaw
Co-Principal trumpet RSNO
Marco Pierobon:
Marco Pierobon......Congratulations, they look great and the building technique is impressive!

Back soon to you, I'll forward all the mutes to the whole quintet in a few days!

Thanks again!

Marco Pierobon - GomalanBrass Quintet