Wallace Non-Toxic

Valve lubricant.

Non-Toxic is a completely safe synthetic lubricant with a safety licence from Dow Corning USA – no hazard.
Not only is Non-Toxic completely safe, it will also not evaporate or separate, resulting in a lubricant that lasts much longer than you could imagine. It works by creating a protective film between the valve and the casing, protecting and lubricating the valves at the same time.
Non-Toxic from Wallace Brass is an odourless, clear, synthetic lubricant and should become your lubricant of choice.


    Wallace Non-Toxic Valve lubricant

  • Synthetic lubricant
  • Completely safe
Wallace BuzzAid


Wallace BuzzAid TWC BZTR1

TWC BZTR1 for Bb/C trumpet

A device for practice realising only the buzzing sound from the mouthpiece.
If used correctly it can aid range tone control stamina and flexibility and reduce mouthpiece pressure. Using the Buzzaid allows you to use exactly the same playing position as playing on the instrument. The very low resistance is set at an optimum setting for ease of use.


    Wallace Bb/C trumpet BuzzAid TWC BZTR1

  • New! Practice device realising only the buzzing sound from the mouthpiece